Welcome To Amour Noir. Welcome to Luxury Cosmetics!

One year ago we had an idea, we wanted to bring confidence to peoples smiles. We did this well, so we decided we would take on the mission of giving people confidence in their look and skin in the most natural, healthy and affordable way possible. Thus Amour Noir Lifestyle was born. We are a proud family run business with a vision to become an established international house hold brand.

We specialise in skin care and oral hygiene to bring you products that produce results immediately. Our experts are constantly searching for new and improved products and formulas to bring the very best that is available on the market and in development.

From our signature activated charcoal teeth whitener to products with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and natural oils in mask and body scrubs we strive to bring quality, innovation and luxury to our whole range. We use 100% natural ingredients in most of our products and never test on Animals.

What makes us unique?

  • We make more people smile naturally in more countries than any other brand in the world. 43 to be precise.
  • We sell luxury products at affordable prices.
  • We bring innovative products to the market.
  • We manufacture as many products as we can in the UK.
  • 90% of our promotional content is done by the public.
  • We are a family run company.
  • We don't de value our products by selling on them on third party platforms.
  • We donate money to an environmentally friendly charity.

If you made it here you are already half way to joining us on our journey. We hope you continue all the way and enjoy it as much as we have!


Signed: The Amour Team